About Us
The Mayo Sports Clinic is a multi-disciplinary Sports and Exercise Medicine clinic whose approach is to help our patients understand, treat and rehabilitate their injury concerns using a patient centred pathway. Depending on your concern, our approach directs you to the most appropriate health professional which may include Physiotherapists, General Practitioners, Sports Physicians, Podiatrists, Osteopaths, Pharmacists and Dietitians.
Patient Services
If you are concerned with injury or pain, the Mayo Sports Clinic can help you with advice from highly trained professionals aided by the latest technology. Where appropriate our video driven assessment can show you how and why things aren’t going to plan and how to best tackle your injury. We don’t pretend that one practitioner can fix everything and instead use a team of health professionals to help you get on the best pathway.
Specialist Programs
Our specialist programs not only aim to get you back on track but also to identify and correct the source of your problem. We merge technology and high level training to address a number of injury problems.